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How To Create Attractive Premium Tinder Profiles On Tinder For Rich People Sites

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Dating online is difficult. When you are trying to find a true match as a rich person, it can be even more difficult. To help you be able to find a quality match on any dating site you will need to craft quality Tinder profiles. Most tender dating sites are starting to take on the premium Tinder feel and use smaller profiles with a swipe to match features. This includes Tinder for rich people.

How do you create an attractive premium Tinder profile on Tinder for rich people sites? It involves putting in a little bit of work. In this article, we are going to guide you through several steps you can take to get a quality Tinder profile created. While we are going to focus on Tinder for rich people, most people will be able to use the Tinder tips that we are talking about tender singles.

It All Starts With A Photo

With premium Tinder and similar sites, it all starts with a photo. The first thing anyone sees on a profile is the photo, and some people stop there. If you want to find a match, then you need to put work into your photo. While natural photos are the best, you can use staged photos too.

Here are a few things you want in your photo:

  • A genuine smile
  • Pets (if you have one)
  • Energetic colors (no neutral colors)
  • Your current haircut/style

Most smartphones have extremely high-quality cameras so you can take photos for your Tinder profile from your phone. We recommend not using the selfie camera because it is obvious when such a picture is taken. Instead, invite a friend over and turn a few hours into a fun photo session. By having fun during a photo session with a friend you are more likely to have a natural smile in each picture.

We recommend uploading at least three photos to your profile so that potential matches have multiple views of you and your personality. It is also a good idea to upload a new photo every few months as we all change and it shows that your profile is being kept fresh.

Avoiding professionally taken photos, even on Tinder for rich people, is typically a good idea. Professional photos can often see too high of quality for a dating app and give people the impression that a profile might be fake. If you do want to have a professional photo, don't make it your first photo that they see. You want to appear human after all.

Having a mix of photo types can be helpful to show off yourself and your personality. Have a good, natural photo as your first photo but then you can have a group photo, a photo alone, a photo out in public, etc. Don't go overboard with just one type of photo.

Most importantly, be happy in your photos.

The Demographics Section for premium Tinder

On your tender profile, you have a section to put in demographics about yourself. Tinder singles know that they have to put their general location but there are other options available too. Options such as being able to put your place of work and your education. For Tinder for rich people, you want to be careful about putting your job on the profile.

High profile and high paying jobs may make people who are looking for just money more likely to swipe yes on you. However, if you have a generic job title or one that doesn't show exactly how much you make you can put that in.

Putting your education on your profile typically won't hurt. A lot of people love when their partner has a good education.

Filling Out The Tender Profile Area

Tender singles are probably well aware that the profile part of Tinder is very small. This helps to keep Tinder focused on interactions and move away from giving everything about a person before you even get the chance to talk to them. You significantly remove the amount of judgment a person makes before they see your profile.

Just because the profile area is small and not the focus of Tinder for rich people doesn't mean you can leave it blank. You do have to fill it out. What do you put in there?

Don't write your typical dating profile. The first few things you could put in there are your basic information such as your height. Don't spend too much time on basic information and don't use full sentences, keep it short and easy to read through.

Two basic pieces of information that you will want to avoid putting in your profile are religion and politics. Politics are just a no-no topic in general. As for religion, even if you have religious requirements for your partner, leave that to the messages, not the profile. People will be turned away by talking about religion.

After your basic information, you need to have something that is catchy and makes you look good. One option is to put a good joke in there. A clean joke that makes a wide variety of people laugh is best. Dad jokes are an option. Instead of a joke you could always put a quirky statement, a few things that you are interested in, or some questions for people who view your profile. You just want something that will grab someone's attention.

Avoid anything sexualized on your profile area. Even if you are just looking for a hookup, a sexual profile typically will not get you that far. Another important thing to avoid is any kind of disqualifier. You don't want to list things such as height requirements, weight requirements, or any such restrictions. These will immediately make your profile look bad.

Don't Have A Stereotype Profile

There are a number of stereotype profiles that are out there. One example of such profiles is the hunk at the gym. You don't want your profile to be completely fixated on the gym and you definitely don't want a bunch of shirtless gym pictures. Think about your profile while you are making it and see if there is anything that seems too odd.

The same goes for your messages.

Get Someone Else's Opinion

Before you consider your Tinder profiles complete, it is important to get the opinion of someone else. Find a few friends and ask them to look at your profile to see what they think. Input from your friends can give you valuable information to work through your profile. They can catch embarrassing things that might end up in photos.

Your friends also know you well and may be able to help flush out your profile to get your personality down. Personality also needs to show in photos, so make sure they see your photos, not just the written portion.

Setting up the perfect Tender profiles for premium Tinder can take a bit of time. You want to make sure that you have some time set aside to work on creating your profile. Most importantly though, you don't want to force anything. If you have to stop for a while and come back later when you have a clear head to come up with a new idea.

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